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There you are, minding your business, smiling without a care in the world and you see the cutest little puppy coming your way. I mean, what a perfect thing to happen on this perfect day. The sun is shining, your favorite song just played on the radio, and now you are face to face with the cutest husky puppy with one crystal blue eye and one brown.

You lean over to pet this little bundle of pure happiness and instead of the deeper level of bliss you were anticipating, you feel this sharp, searing, blinding sensation in your low back that you can only interpret as imminent death. Suddenly, you make up some excuse to be on your way in order to avoid crying/cursing in front of complete strangers and you secretly wonder if your spine has just exploded.

Most of us have been in this situation before or something similar (bending over to pick up a child, twisting to grab something from the back seat of the car, etc.) The question is, if the pain does not go away immediately after it's felt, what do you do? The following are some basic guidelines to make you more comfortable until you can get into your chosen low back health care provider (chiropractor, orthopaedist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist etc.)

ATTENTION THESE ARE RED FLAGS, AKA GO GET HELP IMMEDIATELY. If you notice any changes in bowel/bladder function, erectile dysfunction, numbness or tingling in the area of your inner thighs, fever, progressive or severe numbness/weakness, or if the pain is so intense you can't even think of doing any of the below, go immediately to a health care provider, and if your preferred providers are not available, go to urgent care!

Useful Links and Descriptions: If any of these cause you increased pain, stop and move on to a different exercise.

  1. Cat/Camel

  2. Extension Exercise (Cobra)

  3. Side Glide

  1. Foam Roller or place tennis ball in area of tightness and gently roll out muscles
  2. Dead Bug
    (stick with the first part
    no movement of arms or legs)
  3. Gentle Yoga

Low back pain can come on quickly and be debilitating. The best defense is a good offense. You can take the above exercises and perform them even when you are feeling good to help maintain a healthy back and come into the office for occasional tune ups. You can also check this out and scroll to the bottom for other exercises to help your low back. You do not have to accept that you will always have a "bad back", there is always something you can do to help yourself. So take back control, and get back to doing the things you love.

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